Qiyang laughed: “Do not say anything is agreed.”

  Chubby did not say anything, Qiyang will throw up one chubby, chubby air but wow is heard to cry, he hurriedly to catch the villain children, there is a furious voice came from behind –
  ”Qiyang you bastard!”

  Chapter 708 pocket money

  Originally some of detente, because of Qiyang cast fly chubby get caught, Qiyang Song Sisi again shut the door to the room, knocking over Souliea called up for dinner.
  Qiyang took the opportunity to squeeze into the house, and quickly picked up the chubby, argued before the onset time for Song Sisi: “Yaya love Feifei, or Rego to his habit, I think this is the son of our family and unreasonable a girl over, but also bold, so just try to throw it fly.”
  Song Sisi angry raising his hand hit him: “chubby matter sorted out than the Ya-Ya, he was less than a month, you ever thought he would be frightened?”
  Qiyang feel the beat with her kitten tickle general, muddy do not care, is no dodge, Peizhuoxiaolian said: “now know he is too young to be frightened, waiting for him to grow so big now Yaya, I took him to fly.”
  ”Big he was forbidden to fly!”Song Sisi a will from his chubby arms grabbed, glared at him fiercely.
  Qiyang touched his nose, did not continue this topic, Song Sisi will only persuade the chubby baby into the car, a request for help Souliea carts, himself helped her to the living room and walked.
  Qi Yue put a meal, he turned and saw the two restore “close”, could not help but laugh, called them to sit down, and said: “early in the morning steamed buns, pickled cucumber and egg white meat stuffing, you try to see if there do not like porridge with sour radish and eggs.”
  ”Sister-in-law craft did not have to say, it would be good, but I do not know what kind of worry that eat.”Qiyang pretending to worry about, but neat action to put a bowl of porridge Song Sisi at the table, and pushed to a stack of sour radish slices,” Sisi, sister-in-law of pickled radish well, you first porridge warm the stomach, then eat a radish slices, immediately mouthwatering, e广州桑拿网specially appetizers.”
  Qi Yue listening to music: “You’d remember this taste and wanted to steal from no less that Lei Jun.”
  Qiyang Hey laugh, without a word, Qi Yue do not ask, just asked him: “I prepared some LEI eating, remember before you go tomorrow to help bring.”
  Qiyang Taohua Yan a bright, should be the next mouthful, but also look forward and asked: “sister in law have not given me eating prepared?”
  Qi Yue turning Song Sisi, Song Sisi drinking porridge, but look a bit uncomfortable, she smiled and said: “You and I share a preparation Sisi.”
  Qiyang immediately look expectantly Song Sisi, who put down the spoon, busy waved: “Give me a sister-in-law, I can not cook.”
  Qi Yue was just trying to put the name of the Song Sisi, but thought she was so solid, to admit its short, Qi Yue helpless, funny, Qiyang turned red and said: “If in the future you do not plan to live together with their parents, you have someone to learn cook cook, how you division?”
  This made her Qiyang and Song Sisi are stunned for a moment, the two men apparently have not considered this problem, they have no depth discussions on family issues, even shunned Qi mother aside, to avoid the strained relationship finally eased again.
  Qi Yue Look Both were a muddled look, the amount of help could not help but sigh, maybe has not been “weaned” mean!
  ”Eat first, and so you talk about eating, you still have a full day.”Qiyue Li landing will be the topic of the end, it took the chopsticks to the table people clip buns.
  After breakfast, Dr. Huang Qi Yue and Medical rush, Souliea pedal bike with a neighbor boy to go to school, and Chen Lao Yang Suli is a man pushed a baby carriage to go out for a walk, then, the huge courtyard on Qiyang only a family of three.
  Qiyang to push the stroller under the old tree, then sat down and helped Song Sisi under a stone bench, he then sat opposite, as appropriate, the opening: “You are not reluctant to return to live in the municipal compound?”
  Qijia in municipal courtyard, and Song of the military compound where not much, there left a young wanton publicity Qiyang time, he was taken, but also with a deck saw Song Sisi’s legs, he was eventually the pondering for a long time, then asked out of the mouth.

  Li Zhenguo found him this cute little brother actually very surprised, reverse chopsticks, use chopsticks head rolled over the fish, the meat on the belly of the fish bowl clamp down throw him, “you eat quickly, and I finished with you find tutors!”

  ”Brother, I do not find tutors.You fit me right counseling.”Li Xi Wen Wu Dong to cast a look,” she must have counseling, we together.”
  ”I?”Li Xi Bunraku, and she really does not need!
  ”Wu your level of education of the province is better than the flat Beijing, it is the provincial capital of Middle School!County sorted Beijing middle school level than it?”Wu Dong Wen Xi Li to then glanced at, ‘I am not the first test in his hometown, to flat to Beijing to die, simply can not keep up.’
  Chun to heart and brother are a few special, especially smart person, how would there be such an honest and straightforward two goods brother?Li Xi Wen did not hold back laugh, said: “Wu Dong come, you’re a good man, before I was wrong about you, I apologize to you.”
  Li Zhenhua also want to laugh, he is the big brother, he could have helped.
  Li Zhenguo stunned for a long time to react to this brother, he is neither pro-dad with him, not with the real mother, smiled.
  ”You want an apology, is not it serious, more formal?”Wu Dong to carefully make demands.
  And two goods get along, mind intestinal stomach must magnify, not care about the details.
  Li Xi Wen stood up, are really very simply bow to him, “I’m sorry Miss北京夜网 students, I wronged you.”
  Wu Dong to stand up a bow back and forth: “Yesterday I was wrong, I will not repeat this mistake, your criticism of education, welcomed Lee students continue to help me correct mistakes later, the method is to pay attention to the future.”
  ”sure!”Li Xi Wen regardless of previously Wu Dong to know, anyway, now very good atmosphere, she gave her brother to explain,” Well, my brother is not willing to give you tuition, he is not the time.At school he could only sleep four and a half hours a day, if you cram an hour, he still need to spend time preparing lessons, he wants to ensure his learning progress, it can only reduce sleep time.”
  ”what?”Wu Dong to look ignorant force.
  ”But brother asked him to go to your wife is looking for tutors flat top students of Beijing Normal University, is the future teachers, good teaching is more than a brother, to give you the most appropriate tutorial.Moreover, the top students NORMAL do tutors work with them in the future is also very useful, it will not delay learning.”Li Xi Wen considered the account of particularly clear, be a goner for Wu Dong smiled and said:” Brother or two days without sleep okay, does not always sleep more than it hurt the body.”
  ”I.”Wu Dong came for his head,” I did not think, I do not know.”He turned and bowed Xiang Li Zhenguo:” Brother, I’m sorry, my mother and I do not care about you too, do not know you learn this tense time!”
  ”Oh, I did wrong.I’m not clear to you.”Li Zhenguo rubbed his head Wu Dong to” eat it fast, I finished I’ll take you to wife.”
  Wu Dong to shaking his head, “I do not look for.I can self-study!”
  ”Say good, do not trouble the.”Li Zhenguo feel that this child should not be taught out of his stepmother, straight straight, not turning that the intestines.

  Not, ah, ah is not the case!

  Sun Desheng really feel that their recent ups and downs of life, save the rest of your life full of storms experienced in the past few days.
  ”Great Nier, you lost.”He looked at Chen Xi was like watching his pro-girl, distressed everywhere.
  ”Your captain is too serious, just two days only, which I lost?”Chen Xi also laughing.
  Sun Desheng shook his head: “This time things too thrilling ah, but for a.Were it not for Zhao Yi Feng, a joint book that really does not get out.”
  ”Zhao Feng Yi?”Chen Xi and Chen Yi were surprised:” how he did?”
  Sun Desheng and sighed: “He gave you a good word to say in front of you, you did a good thing the column, a little touched the heart of the village, this book gives you signed the joint.”
  Chen Xi was shocked and did not expect to come out, and he’s a credit.
  And is so much a credit!
  ”I have to thank him.”Chen Yi brow wrinkled up:” He was a good thank you.”
  At this point, Mr. Wang couples just come out, two sets of people get together, subtle atmosphere.
  Chen Xi to an opening: “Mr. Wang, this thing is our fault, I am willing to make compensation.”
  She bent down, bowed deeply.
  Wang silent a long time, it was not to blame, he was unwilling.Strange to say it, he also has the responsibility.
  ”Bale, Mike can not stay, I go back and opened her.You have a good sellers, to increase revenue department store is the best compensation for me.”
  Chen Xi looked gratitude: “Thank you Mr. Wang, this is you in our village Ende.Do not worry, I definitely do not live up to your expectations!”
  Living life, sometimes step back to a brighter future.
  Two victims at this time reconciled.

  ☆, seventy-fourth chapter deserved

  Cuihua Cong Wang’s eldest son can leave the hospital, her son sent home, accompanied her mother to see a few nephews杭州夜网 who.
  Just to the west Liangcun I heard a great thing.
  Chen Xi Liu was vilified speculation, is the provincial capital of the Public Security Bureau arrested?
  Wang Cuihua suddenly blown up, holding a broom rushed to the Liu family, the Wu Guihua play Baotoushucuan: “You son of a bitch Hei Xingan of Liu, so bully my nephew daughter, Chen nobody when we?!”
  Wu Guihua cry day rush, these days she had what day ah, made man out eyes, her parents not to her, who was also playing.

  But apparently as early as next Heng Yuan Yuan Jue would have guessed at her first shot, actually rushed over to her to the side!

  Nan Fei Yu heard only continuous three gunshots, then came Jue Yuan is the cry of pain, crying, and the sound of the gun fall.
  But that gunfire, she was too familiar, two shots hit the air, is a muffled shot, hit **.
  Who was hit?
  She got up from the ground, his hands were found Yuan Jue weird state, should be broken, and Yuan Heng also on top of him, knee fiercely against his abdomen!
  Also this time, the factory door is opened, a nervous look pedestrian rushed.
  They wore suits, not the police, should be the man to rescue Yuan Heng.
  It Liao tert-headed man, he worries went Heng Yuan side, “less Heng!”
  Heng Yuan北京洗浴 Yuan Jue release, stood up, South Fei Yu from his more recent, suddenly smell a wave of bloody taste.
  She looked at him stunned been drawn back a hole, and he constantly dripping blood red palm, almost to stop breathing.
  ”You are hurt.”She went over, grabbed his left hand and saw.
  Sure enough, the blood-stained palm center, ripped through a wound that looks shocking!
  ”I did not think he even had hidden the gun, miscalculated.”Yuan Heng Gee say anything, I did not feel how bad things are.
  Nan Yu Fei grinding the teeth, eyes slightly flushed, anxious to beat him up good, then dug his mind in the end to see what was inside!
  Yuan Heng noticed her slightly moist eyes, stunned for a moment, and then the brain 2001 and sigh, [Yuan Heng, this time you have to poor equipment, poor equipment you understand?!”
  [I hear, 2001 -!Yu Fei] south stare Yuan Heng, Heng Yuan took to go out.
  Yuan Heng thinking about 2001 and then Heimou light down, whispered, “tap, pain.”
  Nan Fei Yu listened to his voice, bit his lip, staring back at him, “I have not forced!”

  Zhou Xiangting know Lu Liang Wen nine of them to be rescued, his friendship with Lu Liang is not shallow, I heard Lu Liang woke up, would go and see, will follow later with Che cloud.

  Che met with Zhou Xiangting cloud came, it touches with Lian Lu Han feel a little accident.
  We quickly met with courtesy to each other, because Lu Lian Han are now elders, so, although cloud Che rank high with status than two, but still kind of line etiquette junior.
  After the gift, he cited Lu Lian Yun Chol into the back room with Zhou Xiangting.
  A door, they saw lying in bed Lu Liang, an emaciated look, Zhou Xiangting the people have some bad.
  Not long ago, before the land bridge to leave the capital, two people met, we had a drink together.
  This short period of time, Lu Liang suffered such a thing, now, would look like, can not be seen, and Zhou Xiangting natural heart is very sad.
  Ranging from cloud Che opening, he could not help but walked forward, he sat down on the couch orgy: “Luxiong.”
  Hardly had these 杭州桑拿洗浴words, Zhou Xiangting do not know what to say down the.
  Do you want to ask, are you okay?
  However, discerning eye will look out, Lu Liang have become so tortured, where there is the slightest bit of good looks?
  Lu Liang eyes not recovered yet, at the moment, I heard someone calling his ear, it sounds familiar, but can not remember who is.
  He opened his eyes, want to see, could not see the face, only Yingyingchaochao can see the outline of two people.
  Stood by Lian Lu, quietly remind cloud with Che Zhou Xiangting, hand pointed to his eyes: “not working up.”
  Zhou Xiangting nose acid: “Luxiong, it’s me, Zhou Xiangting!I come to see you with a cloud Che!”
  Lu Liang this response came, the voice of this man speak, is Zhou Xiangting.
  ”Zhouxiong.You have come?”
  ”Ah, I have come.”
  Although it is known cloud Che Lu 南宁桑拿Liang Zhou Xiangting with the two old people know, pretty good relationship, can not wait to hold cried watching Zhou Xiangting Lu Liang look, his head and heart, more or less still a little uncomfortable.
  Also, if Zhou Xiangting moment really cry, cloud Che feel very shameful for him.
  In order to prevent the cloud Che Zhou Xiangting make any gaffes thing, he came up two steps, Chong Zhou Xiangting said: “Lu Gongzi can survived, is gratifying thing.”
  With that, the cloud Che winking towards Zhou Xiangting.
  Zhou Xiangting cloud does not know where Che’s mind?Also got up from his bed, he stood to the side of the station.
  ”Lu Gongzi, I hear, you have to find the cousin thing?”Cloud Che bent down and asked Lu Liang Chong.
  Lu Liang could not see the cloud Che’s face, too light, he was a bit uncomfortable, simply to close their eyes and said:
  ”Actually, I want to find Marshal Shaw said this thing, I heard that he was injured, so wanted to keep Jiuniang say something, however, large and small cloud, you just come, this thing with you possible to say.”
  Yun Chol initially thought, Lu Liang Wen find Nine, wanted to renew old friendships love it, look now hearing him say, I felt it should not, it seems there is nothing more important thing the.
  ”Lu Gongzi, what if, even though you say.”

  This combination, really every minute of this high-handed president of the brain make hundreds in love with me, please!!!

  Milk cup pearl milk tea floating in a layer of milk fat, separated by air is sweet taste.Ti深圳桑拿anhe Sheng Wu Jiang Ting sit face to face, slightly awkward atmosphere.
  The Mr. Jiang Shengting and obviously out of place here, but he stoically, abruptly went through the dimensional wall, as if this was his little tea shop downtown thousand square meters of office.
  Ng Tian nervous.Heart racing, palms sweating has been run.
  He said it was to think small Yi came, and then carefully looked at the overall features the river, the God of his mother actually saw the father and son?!?
  Ng Tian began brainstorming, mind flashed?Kind of idea that script.
  Implying Wu Wei has been with this man for some??Then small Yi is his illegitimate son??
  Then sublimate it, do the authors Wu Wei is run with the ball, president of the small beautiful wife, Jiang Qianli Xun wife Lady results gone, leaving only the crystallization of their love?
  Well so abuse!
  No, this is not in line with the socialist core values!
  As she bolted like a wild horse, Sheng Jiang Ting low magnetic voice sounded, she brought the idea that the success of the prairie.
  ”Miss Wu, Cheng Yi possible that my son.”
  The same time, she heard in my mind had a string snapped Bengduan.
  Author has to say: pro dad got it!Tian Tian dog with big countdown.
  This chapter falling red envelopes Meme da?

Chapter 17
  ”This is something I only recently confirmed, though presumptuous, but it happened suddenly, I think we need to meet in person to talk.”
  Jiang Ting Sheng’s voice and not be slow, in a calm attitude to uncover the truth of this strange combination of circumstances.
  According to him, when between him and his wife Jo temperature because of some misunderstanding, resulting in temperature Joe birth in the United States alone.A time when the United States and have children craze a few years ago, whether it is legitimate to American identity or for a second child, the influx of a large number of pregnant women in the United States, high costs and scarce medical resources allow some people to see the opportunities, prompting a potentially huge capital rising series of related industrial chain, Sofia hospital is the name of the slogan of Chinese human services for pregnant women came into being in that time.

  Then, weeks Jojo and hung up.

  Ruanxiao Johnson: “.”
  Looking at the phone was hung up, Ruanxiao Johnson inability to himself: “That’s why I’m so sick of her, she sucker bar!”
  passHalf an hour, week Jojo’s phone rang again, this time a bit older woman, her words very polite.She said: “Miss Zhou yet?Hello, I’m your interview yesterday, Zhang Lingling and Thailand Co., the accounting department.I’m here to inform you that you passed the interview.”
  Jojo Zhou first stunned, disbelief and asked: “Really!?”
  Zhang Lingling clear and pleasant voice, she said: “Yes, we read your resume..Your school is quite good at the time, by the subject teachers like.Even your class director also secure you graduate, yes, your work experience is also very rich, very cashier is a test of the ability to post.In small companies, a person put all the work done enough to appear on your ability to cope with the situation and flexible force.We in Thailand need is people like you, we welcome广州桑拿网 your company!”
  Zhou Jojo seriously listened, tears.
  Zhang Lingling heart relief, would also like to say something, I heard Jojo week affectionate and Mao said: “I did not expect you to lie to me, even so shameless, then say out.but.”
  Jojo heavily opening week: “But, is.I will not be fooled drops!Ha ha ha ha ha.886 ‘
  Then she hung up without hesitation.
  Zhang Lingling: “.”
  Micro letter the group:
  Zhang sister: total forest, you are sure to let her into our company
  Lin General:???
  Jojo Zhou good mood ah!

  You trust him.”

  ”I will, please rest assured.”
  Stoop to pull pull shown respectful.
  Huo imita广州桑拿tion of the room pull pull a small bed, and now it is true shot in handy.
  ”That pull pull, uncle gone, you take good care of him, missing nothing and housekeeper opening.
  Of course, you also do not be too hard, manual labor servant there, you stay with him the peace of mind that imitation Huo.”
  ”Yes, your peace of mind.”
  Outside, and coach in Major Chang them to do a simple explanation.
  ”I called it an urgent matter in coming here, and so on and so on can wake up to say imitation Huo.”
  Wan Wan looked up at the coach lonely leavin.
  The palace is rumored Marshal pressure over the marshals to seize power.
  TV fiction also saw a lot of pull pull such a plot.
  This father and son to the top of the powerful enemies abound.
  Wan Wan Huo see imitation coma, the first reaction is probably marshals will rise in revolt.
  But now it杭州龙凤网 seems that is not the case.
  Coach without any strange command, but all for the sake of Marshal.
  Huo imitation outside the room sounded shrill cries of a woman.
  ”Sir, how about the young master in our house, which is really distressed death of me.woo woo woo woo.How would such a thing out of it.This is not to put my heart out Well.”
  Slender middle-aged woman’s voice.
  But listening to the sound of weird to have a sense of.Is obviously old is no longer small, but he just pinched all sense of harmony to make their own voice sounded younger.

  ”Breeze can go?”Spring Erniang surprise and he laughed, she did not understand what those ritual poetry and literature is a science, but scholars unsolicited expansive, if adopted son and daughter that the wind can go to school the Royal Academy, then it naturally there is no good thing.

  Meng Tong Chun Erniang but know a good mood may not last much longer.
  When the brothers yesterday to discuss with her, and said to let her into your Luoyang female circle, but no mention of the Royal Academy, the only possibility is: the Royal Academy in Luoyang.
  She was going to the Royal Academy, is bound to leave home, spring can laugh strange if Erniang.
  Just Luoyang, she must go.
  Do not say, because the responsibility to bring the piece of broken token, she needs close contact with the city of Luoyang son and all those ladies, said the original fat there, her business in order to expand the business, you have to maintain good this line of the original fat.
  With Big Brother not to mention the identity of the springboard, her days of ancient aristocratic fresh clothes angry horse, fire flowers, and just do not expect too much.
  As well as animal husbandry wave, Zhu Chan and Han to celebrate three are Luoyang, get along more than a month, Meng Tong told they are indeed at a friend came.
  March covenant she let them pigeons, went to Luoyang, also bound to gather with them on a cohesive.
  Spring Erniang rejoicing, they intend for her daughter up, and quickly asked to panjas clear, “she sister-in-law, that the Royal College where ah?Our family glowing when to go to school ah?”
  ”.”Panjas Ching finally understand just a handful of Hu Qingyun depressed,” she sister-in-law “was what really did more than” her brother “good to hear where to go.
  He has not been out of the sound of the wind, but this time laughing.Naturally he could see, Hu Qingyun and panjas sunny spring Erniang of words in the local dialect uncomfortable.
  So he laughed very “sincere” Road, “No wonder, then prefect of adults and his wife, her foster mother came from the countryside, but also to learn Mandarin are not very skilled, sometimes dialect to bring home the habit of always, the two get used to it.”

  ☆, 365 letter

  Hu Qingyun be distributed to them emperor named the heart of the fox is not for nothing that he keenly felt the breeze discourse entrained “hostile”, not help a little surprised Tong Chong Meng raised an eyebrow.
  Tong Meng White at him, but turned around and stared breeze a warning.
  Breeze precocious, though not usually fond of words, but he actually know better than everyone knows transparent.
  He’s the biggest disadvantage of Justifying and advantages are, of course, Meng Tong is very appreciative of his this point.
  Panjas sunny spring Erniang trick though is to let her go hom广州桑拿网e well Luoyang, she may face the wind in front of flirting with Hu Qingyun, proud too far to see eye is provocative in the breeze, and the little guy is not spring Erniang “a newspaper arrow revenge “when pigs fly.

  Lu Shaoyang did so, but also to protect themselves.

  According to a letter from Nguyen and the scene of their own home to see, Lu Shaoyang Su Aria is not assured.
  Do not be bullying when she shifted the blame to the military, it is that he may have had a clue mouth.
  On the table, see Aria Su Lu Shaoyang went to pay, heart is very happy, she slowly started eating noodles, but my mind was in the planning, in the end should be how to speak with Lu Shaoyang Jiangxia pregnant it.
  After Lu Shaoyang agree with the boss, calmly back seat.
  Su Aria bowl of noodles to eat more slowly, have bottomed out when.She picked up the paper towel wiped his mouth and looked across to Lu Shaoyang.
  ”I come looking for you today to tell you one very important thing.Jiangxia pregnant, you know.?”
  If there is no letter from Nguyen’s, perhaps even slightly surprised Lu Shaoyang.However, he had already put Su Aria as a special group, people will believe what she said.
  However, in order to meet each other’s feelings, he frowned and asked: “how do you know?”
  Su Aria pushed aside the dishes, looking solemnly watching Lu Shaoyang, “she had kept from your parents and you, because the child is Kangxue Bin.I went to inquire about her classmates, son Kangxue Bin objects at Jiangxia third year with the director of the paper mill, the whole school knows this thing.Later, Kang family does not agree to marry her past, but also forced them to break up.Later, she rushed to marry you.”
  Lu Sha北京夜网oyang look complicated, looking at Su Aria, she seems really very sick.
  Kangxue Bin he personally beat, the other is what stuff he could not be clearer.Moreover, even if there is no help Fuwei Bing Jiangxia excuse, he had witnessed the Jiangxia attitude toward Kangxue Bin.
  They can not even be friends talked about, let alone pregnant.
  Jiangxia will see on Kangxue Bin?She is probably the most hated man is such Kangxue Bin.
  Lu Shaoyang Su Aria’s face was looking in the eyes, she thought he was successful doubt in the minds of species of seed Lu Shaoyang, then added: “The first time I saw her morning sickness is that you get married for about a week.Think about it, even if it is really pregnant, how can so quickly vomiting reaction?”
  Su Aria said the more, the more sure of himself Lu Shaoyang guess.
  I ask, what normal佛山桑拿 person would have to track someone, even to judge others uncomfortable reaction is morning sickness?She in the end is when to begin monitoring the Jiangxia?What is the purpose in the end?Lu Shaoyang sharp eyes flashed.
  ”You must be thinking, maybe she just was not feeling well.I tell you, more than once I saw her morning sickness reaction.Moreover, she also had dealings with Kangxue Bin surreptitiously.”Su Aria getting more and more relaxed, as if she personally saw that picture.
  ”Having yet?”Lu Shaoyang forehead red with rage, even crazy, you can not insult Jiangxia.She was his wife!
  Su Aria look of pride, she nodded her head, waiting to Lu Shaoyang Jiangxia death penalty.
  However, contrary to her expectations, Lu Shaoyang stood up and walked quickly toward the outside hotel.He was afraid he could not help, will give the other two hand.Anything, even to Jiangxia who sullied!
  ”Hey, you do not go that way!I know it’s hard to accept Jiangxia betray you this.”
  ”shut up!”Lu Shaoyang no longer bear it, he shouted out.
  ”You roll right now, is an offense to insult their dependents.Let me know if you trace my love, four walks rumors about her, you wait to receive a court summons it!”
  The restaurant also think people just started as a People’s Liberation Army comrades, the roar of a weak woman somewhat justified.When they heard that sentence behind Lu Shaoyang, and instantly put the spotlight Su Aria, this woman is simply terrible!