[How to make sweet potato (Ipomoea) cake]

[How to make sweet potato (Ipomoea) cake]

Sweet potato (sweet potato) cake is a healthy and green dish. Unlike different snacks on the street, the required ingredients are all non-toxic and pollution-free green foods, and it also has the function of enhancing people’s immunity.

This dish can be paired with seasonings according to your own taste. The combination of different flavors will give people different tastes.

1. Peel the sweet potatoes on a plate and cook in a pressure cooker for 9 minutes. 2. After cooking, place them in an oil-free and water-free plate and press into sweet potatoes. Put in an appropriate amount of flour and form a dough.The thickness and shape of the left and right can be made according to your preference.

3. Put the oil on the frying pan and boil (the induction cooker is kept at about 180 degrees).

The taste of home is probably the taste of sweet potato (sweet potato) pie. The ingredients and methods of this dish are very simple, but it makes people taste homely and attracts countless wanderers.