[How to make dried taro?

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[How to make dried taro?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

Many people who are losing weight will not dare to eat taro, fearing that it will lead to weight gain. In fact, you can also eat taro during weight loss. Taro is rich in starch and carotene, and there are many trace elements.Even in the process of weight loss, these nutrients are indispensable, so people who lose weight can eat taro as a staple food. Here is how to make dried taro to eat.

How to make dried taro?
Taro contains a unique vanilla flavor. The heart is purple and looks like potatoes, but the taste is neither potato, taro, nor potato. It tastes like chestnut, sweet and fragrant. The aftertaste is endless, so it is named taro.

It can be sautéed, fried, stewed, boiled, steamed, or fried. It can be cooked with chicken and pork to make it fragrant and not greasy, crispy but not rotten.

Taro also has the functions and effects of dispersing qi, detoxifying and nourishing the spleen, clearing heat and relieving cough, so it is very suitable for people to eat regularly.

When choosing taro, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. The taro is well-shaped from the outside, and light weight means that it has less water.

2. Choose the denser and more dense head, and the older ones tend to be more facial.

3, and carefully check the appearance does not have rotten spots, otherwise there must be rotten incision, cut into fine white meat, it means a small amount of loose, is top grade.

4. In general, you can also observe the tip of the taro. If the overlapping juice is powdery, the meat is delicious and delicious; if it is liquid, the meat will be very watery and the taste will be poor.

A few days ago, I found that the hawkers on the street cars were selling taro. The taro is very large. Looking at it, it looks good, so I just bought one.

Such a large taro family couldn’t finish it all at once, so it was divided into several dishes.

First cut into pieces to make a flavored dried taro, cut into strips and burned pork ribs. The remaining leftovers are steamed and crushed to make a small cake, which tastes very good!

Dried Taro flavor taro ingredients: 500 grams of taro, 10 grams each of onion ginger garlic slices, 20 grams of parsley section, fried white sesame amount; seasoning: 5 grams of fresh soy sauce, 20 grams of sugar, dried pepper section 10G, 5 grams of hemp pepper, moderate amount of peanut oil; Method 1 of dried taro flavor taro, first peel and wash the taro;

5 cm thick slices, cut obliquely into diamond-shaped pieces; 3, heat the pot and add peanut oil to 70% heat, dip the taro pieces in the pot; 4, wait for about four minutes to fry, taro skinCrispy and deep-fried, you can easily remove the oil control; 5, put the bottom oil in the pot, put the dried chili segment, hemp pepper and onion ginger garlic and fragrant; 6, add white sugar to it and stir-fry until it melts;, Cook into the soy sauce and stir well, add fried taro blocks, stir-fry evenly after adding the parsley section, sprinkle the sesame seeds out of the pot.

Food Tips: 1. Taro can’t be eaten once. Don’t put it in the refrigerator after cutting. Put the taro in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Because taro is not resistant to low temperature, when fresh taro is putWhen the temperature in the refrigerator is lower than 7, the taro will be frostbite and rot.

So store it in a warm place indoors, 1-2 seconds after eating.

2. The taro cuts must be evenly fried in order to ensure consistent production time.

3, fried sugar should use low temperature to ensure that the sugar is thin and not sticky, the taste will maintain the best.

With a piece of taro at the entrance, a sweet, numb, spicy, and glutinous feeling was instantly detonated in the mouth, which was so pleasant and satisfying.