[Baby Jujube Practice]_Baby Meal_How to Make

[Baby Jujube Practice]_Baby Meal_How to Make

When choosing complementary foods for babies, parents often become sad.

Because baby’s complementary food must first consider nutrition and health issues, so when feeding complementary food to your baby, you must even be healthy.

Jujube puree is a complementary food that too many parents choose to eat for their babies. So what is the method for parents to make jujube puree for babies at home?

The practice of baby food supplement red dates puree Material: big red dates water tools: strainer method: 1, wash the big red dates, cut to remove the core to retain the jujube meat 2, pour the jujube meat into the pot, add half of the jujube meat to the water and cook3. Stir continuously during the cooking process to make the jujube meat and water blend together. 4. Cook until the jujube meat becomes muddy. Turn off the heat when the water is dry. 5. Sieve the dried jujube meat with a strainer.A delicate jujube paste is produced, and the jujube skin can be eaten at any time (don’t waste it). You can feed your baby after it is cool and cool.

The characteristics of this approach: the taste is the most delicate, this method is most suitable for baby’s complementary food.

A few instructions for making red date puree: 1. Do not add sugar to the date puree filling.

Jujube itself has a very high sugar content, which is already sweet enough. Adding sugar is extra, and it will increase sugar intake.

2. Remove jujube kernels before cooking dates.

Some people like to cook them with jujube kernels and go to the kernels together when sieving.

This is not impossible, but because the jujube is hot and nucleated, it will inevitably be too hot and boiled with the nucleus, which will easily make people angry, so try to do one step to nuclear work first, and then perform the following operations.

3. If you buy ready-made seedless jujube, you should pay attention to it. Although it is said to be seedless, many products will inevitably have some small, fine-grained kernels. These small particles are small and hard.Trouble, it is likely to get teeth.

So try not to use seedless jujube 4 and to make jujube puree, you should choose medium-sized and plump dates.

If it is a very large jujube, it is most comfortable to eat it directly. It is a pity to make jujube puree.

If it is too small, there is too little jujube meat.