[How to make dried beef tendon noodles best]_how to do_method

[How to make dried beef tendon noodles best]_how to do_method

There are many snacks made with beef tendon noodles, such as cold beef tendon noodles, fried beef tendon noodles, etc. These are all foods made with beef tendon noodles as the main raw material.

In order to save the beef tendon noodles, the moisture contained in them is usually drained to become dried beef tendon noodles, and the dried beef tendon noodles need to be soaked in water before eating. So how do the dried beef tendon noodles soak?What’s the best?

Let’s introduce it below.

Add the beef tendon noodles that need to be foamed into the basin, pour in boiling water and stir, the dried beef tendon noodles have a softening preparation, then you can pour the water, then put in an appropriate amount of cooking oil and stir well.Let it be seasoned for about 15 minutes until there is no hard core.

Fill the gauze bag with flour, then put the bag in a water basin, let the bag soak and roll the bag. Repeatedly, you can make beef tendon noodles. The main thing is to remove the impurities from the flour, so the noodles will be very strong.Road.

Beef tendon noodles making Beef tendon noodles seems simple, but it is not.

The characteristics of beef tendon noodles prepared according to the data are: without any additives, strength, foam resistance, continuous strips, not bad, non-sticky, easy to place; it solves the problem that the dried beef tendon noodles cannot be used and stored after storage.Disadvantages; solved the problem that beef tendon noodles cannot be produced and stored in large quantities.

How to eat: Use mahjong mixed beef tendon noodles and noodles to add good flour, add water and form a harder dough without adding any additives.

Wake up and put in the machine to suppress.

Self-cooking into strips.

Foaming Soak the produced beef tendon noodles in water for 2 to 10 minutes.

Put the drain basket to empty the excess water.

Blend chili oil, vinegar, and sesame sauce.

Cucumber, brine, and chicken essence are put into a container and stirred well, ready to eat.

The taste is fresh and spicy.

Beef tendon noodles have nothing to do with beef tendon. It is a vegetarian food made of flour. The noodles are thick, very soft, and very elastic. They look like gluten but are whiter than gluten. The surface is honeycomb but has a satin luster.It’s all cold.

Beef tendon noodles are made by machine, and the manual method is unknown.

For chilling, use chili oil, sesame sauce, vinegar and other spices to mix according to your taste.

This eating method fully reflects the advantages of beef tendon noodles, and the taste is very good.

Fried noodles 1: Prepare beef tendon noodles, wash mushrooms and parsley and cut them for later use.

2: Put a small amount of cooking oil in the pot.

3: Add mushrooms and stir fry 4: Add an appropriate amount of water and add broth.

My broth is frozen stick-bone soup. I cut it out and put it in the freezer while cooking the stick-bone.

5: Continue cooking, boil the broth, and add an appropriate amount of edible salt.

6: Add beef tendon noodles, cook just a little, add coriander and chicken essence, and cook.