[Sautéed Purple Cabbage with Onion]_Production_Methods

[Sautéed Purple Cabbage with Onion]_Production_Methods

The practice of frying purple cabbage with onions is believed to have been eaten by everyone. This kind of food can increase appetite and prevent constipation. It is very good for us to treat oral ulcers, so we can learn how to fry purple cabbage with onions.

The method of frying purple cabbage with onions is that we first cut the onions and purple cabbage into thin strips, then boil the oil, add the appropriate oil, and then fry the onions and purple cabbage.

The practice of frying onions in purple cabbage Wash the purple cabbage and cut the remaining onions. A small piece of the onion is also cut into thin strips of pork belly. The green onions and garlic are cut into a spare pot.Stir-fry with sesame seeds, add purple cabbage and scallions, stir-fry with salt and high heat until it is broken, add chicken essence to the classic method of purple cabbage, purple cabbage salad1, purple cabbage is the best raw material for vegetable salads.You need to prepare one hundred grams of fresh purple cabbage, five broccoli, small tomatoes and onions, and lettuce, and cheese, prepare some, and finally prepare an appropriate amount of olive oil and wine vinegar, honey and lemon juice, and sea salt andYou should also prepare some black pepper crush.

2. Cut the fresh purple cabbage into filaments, remove the broccoli into boiling water for one minute, drain off the water, put it with the purple cabbage, shred the onion, tear the lettuce into small pieces, and cut the small tomatoes from the middle.Put all the vegetables together, add the prepared seasoning and mix thoroughly, and sprinkle with the crushed black pepper.

Cold cabbage 1 and purple cabbage are also particularly delicious. You need to prepare one purple cabbage, one fresh cucumber, salt and white vinegar, and sesame oil.

2. Remove the old skin of the prepared purple cabbage, wash it with water, then cut it into filaments, wash the cucumber, and cut it into filaments after removing the skin. I know that the farmer ‘s edible salt is evenly mixed.Let it marinate for five minutes. Remove the marinated soup.

3, put the pickled purple cabbage and cucumber together, add sesame oil and white vinegar and edible salt and mix thoroughly, and then directly serve on a plate.

4, usually make cold purple cabbage can also change the seasoning, you can add an appropriate amount of sugar to marinate, marinate for ten minutes to remove the water, add balsamic vinegar seasoning, so that the obtained purple cabbage is sweet and refreshing, especially delicious.