[How to stir-fry edamame beans]_Dried tofu_How to make

[How to stir-fry edamame beans]_Dried tofu_How to make

People in a few regions like to eat Xianggan, because Xianggan will taste very fragrant when it is eaten like this, and the dried Xianggan will also make the fragrance go for ten miles.

Xianggan is mainly made from soybeans, so the unique nutritional value of soybeans can also be used in Xianggan.

You can add some edamame when using fragrant dried stir-fry, so that you can mix the two unique flavors of fragrant dry and edamame.

So what is the practice of using edamame to stir-fry?

Ingredients: edamame, dried fragrant, pickles, shredded pork, edible oil, cooking wine, salt, raw flour, sugar. Detailed methods of peeling edamame are steamed before use; fragrant dried cut into thin strips, chopped chopped and washed; lean meat cut into meatAdd raw flour and cooking wine and marinate for 15 minutes after shredding; hot pan cold oil; add pickles; add shredded pork; stir-fry with steamed edamame; add fragrant dried thin strips; stir-fry; add a little salt to taste, add a littleFresh sugar can be removed from the pan.

Nutrition benefits The benefits of eating edamame: 1. Nutritionists say that people must ingest protein every day. If they cannot afford to pay high prices to buy meat or cow’s milk, then it is better to buy edamame for cheap to achieve the purpose of protein intake.

2, edamame is a nutrient-rich food, rich in potassium, which can alleviate fatigue and loss of appetite caused by hot weather, and is especially suitable for summer consumption.

3. Lecithin in edamame is one of the indispensable nutrients for brain development, which helps to improve the memory and intelligence of the brain.

4, edamame is also rich in dietary fiber, which can improve constipation and help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. Iron in edamame is easy to absorb and can be used as one of the foods for children to supplement iron.

Edamame contains trace amounts of functional flavonoids, especially soy isoflavones, known as natural phytoestrogens, which have an estrogen effect in the human body, which can improve women’s menopausal discomfort and osteoporosis.

6, edamame has the effect of nourishing the skin, improving the loss of appetite and general fatigue.

Edamame is rich in nutrition and balanced, is rich in beneficial active ingredients, and is often consumed. It has a significant effect on maintaining a slim figure for women; it has preventive and adjuvant treatment effects on obesity, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other diseases.

7, edamame contains compounds that can remove fat on the walls of blood vessels, lower blood lipids and lower cholesterol in the blood.

8, edamame sweet, flat, enter the spleen, large intestine; has the effect of strengthening the spleen, moisturizing and dehydrating, clearing heat and detoxifying, and nourishing qi; attending diarrhea, diarrhea, abdominal distension, thinness, pregnancy poisoning, soresPoison, trauma and bleeding.

9, overall, edamame is still green and safe food.

Because legumes have fewer pests and diseases, coupled with a layer of furry “armor”, edamame is more effective against pests and diseases, so edamames generally do not use or rarely use pesticides during the growth process.