[Can pregnant women eat angelica]_Angelica_pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat angelica]_Angelica_pregnancy_Can you eat

Pregnant women should pay attention to understand which foods are not edible in their daily diet, because some foods may threaten the health of the diet, and pregnant women cannot eat angelica during pregnancy, because angelica has the effect of activating blood, and it is easy for pregnant women to eatContractions cause bleeding from the vagina.

1. Can pregnant women eat angelica? When it belongs to Chinese medicinal herbs, people in many places like to add angelica astragalus and other Chinese medicinal herbs to make their bodies healthy.

The primary effect of angelica is to nourish blood.

Dizziness, dizziness, palpitation, fatigue, bloodlessness, and weak pulses caused by blood deficiency, Angelica sinensis is the most suitable.

2. The famous angelica tonic blood soup is composed of angelica and scutellariae.

If you add codonopsis and red dates, the effect of nourishing qi and blood is stronger. Angelica sinensis is the most suitable for women with irregular menstruation.

Although angelica blood, but experts reminded that angelica this woman is best not to eat during pregnancy.

3. Angelica is a commonly used medicine for treating irregular menstruation in women’s gynecology. Expectant mothers responded. After eating the soup made by Angelica, the stomach became heavy and sweaty, so Xiaobian suggested that women should not take Angelica during pregnancy.

4, early pregnant women will have uterine contraction and vaginal bleeding after consumption.

5. Angelica is mainly applicable to patients with low menstrual periods, delayed menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc., and women should be banned from eating during the first trimester of pregnancy, menstruation, functional uterine bleeding, and postpartum lochia.